Zlatni rat, the most famous beach on the Adriatic and one of the symbols of Croatian tourism

Although the hotelís beach, due to wind insufficiency, isnít suitable for surfing, this activity couldnít be left out, because thanks to the surfing, the island of Bra? found its place among top 10 destinations of passionate surfers around the world.

Namely, on the opposite side of the island Bra?, in Bol, there is Zlatni rat, the most famous beach on the Croatian coast of Adriatic (itís about 40 minutes of car drive away from the Hotel Bra?ka Perla) and it is one of the symbols of Croatian tourism.

The unique location of Zlatni rat, which changes its shape and length depending on the impact of winds and currents, influences as a sort of "booster" for all kinds of winds, making it favourite destination for surfers. Besides surfing, on Zlatni rat you can enjoy water wave running, water skiing and many International water races that take place here. Due to its many bars and great nightlife, Zlatni rat is especially popular among young people.