Play Dalmatian traditional game on our eco-farm

It would be a nonsense visiting Dalmatia, and not to feel the charm of Dalmatian tradition by playing "balote", the most popular game that has been a part of life of Dalmatian people for a long time. Playing "balote" is widespread in all areas of Dalmatia, from rural to urban places, and among all age groups between 8 and 88.

To the elderly players, playing "balote" has always been a mean of releasing a negative energy, either by throwing "balote", or by swearing, which is an essential part of this "sport".

The start of the game, as well as the victory, is usually pledged with "bicerin" (a little glass) of rakia (brandy) or with a glass of a good wine. You can also follow this tradition with wide selection of brandies and wines from our domestic production, and to a good-quality sip you can also add a bite of home made prosciutto and cheese.