Participate in the production of homemade jams and cheese

Italian journalist and writer Italo Calvino described in his novel "Mr. Palomar" the visit of the main character to a cheese shop, comparing this experience to the visit to the Louvre Museum, where is, in both cases, "behind every displayed object the presence of the civilization that has given it form." Describing cheese, he wrote: "Behind every cheese there is a pasture of a different green under a different sky: meadows caked with salt that the tides of Normandy deposit every evening; meadows scented with aromas in the windy sunlight of Provence; there are secret processes handed down over the centuries."

This is exactly how we can describe homemade Bra? cheese, favourite in Croatia and beyond: centuries of tradition, combined with the specificities of Bra? pastures, which absorb Dalmatian sun and are washed by the Adriatic Sea on daily basis. In brief, everything that is characteristic for the island of Bra?, it is reflected in Bra? cheese.

The most famous cheese on the island of Bra? is sheep's milk cheese, which is also produced on the eco-farm Bra?ka Perla. Special care for the sheep and our attention and love that we put in cheese making, turned this product into a real delicacy and one of the favourites in our offer. Among numerous traditional dishes that we make from homemade cheese, the most famous is Procip, a fresh cheese baked in caramelised sugar.

Among our diverse offer, we also have to mention homemade jams, which we make from almost all kinds of fruit that we grow on the eco-farm Bra?ka Perla. We mostly make them following our grandmothers’ recipes, and we equally enjoy in making them and in eating them. In general, jams differ from marmalades by being made from one sort of fruit and by containing larger pieces of fruit. However, just like marmalade, jam has a very wide usage and it can be consumed on bread or rolls, as well as an ingredient in the preparation of various cakes. Between numerous kinds of homemade jams, the guests of Bra?ka Perla especially favour fig jam, mandarin jam and lemon jam.