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Brandy is, according to almost all Dalmatian people, classified into a category of natural medicines and secret traditional weapons against many illnesses, along with olive oil, garlic, honey and other homemade products. If you complain to anyone in this area about your stomach ache, cold, flu or other similar illness, most of people will tell you, that for afore-mentioned there is no better medicine than brandy. Brandy will kill all bacteria and viruses, if there are any in your body, and is recommended for muscle pain and disinfection of wounds, in which case it is used externally (although many people forget that). It fits perfectly as an aperitif, for morning awaking, with cheese and prosciutto, before and after lunch, in the evening with wine or beer; it helps you fall asleep easily, helps you forget and helps you laugh. However, if you hadnít been drinking homemade brandy, you hadnít been drinking brandy at all!

On the eco-farm Bra?ka Perla we produce different types of brandys, and we are especially proud of our loza and herb brandy.