Participate in the vintage and production of top-quality red wine

Wine that we produce in our basements is called Plavac mali (barrique). This is a top-quality red wine, originating from the vineyards of Hvar, which represents its farming area, the soil from which it drew the strength and optimal amount of sun that fed it. We obtain this wine by careful processing, after which the wine matures in oak barrels (barrique), without adding water and improving taste, which gives the wine a very refined bouquet and boosts the strong flavour of this type. The colour is dark ruby-red, and the bouquet contains harmony of Plavac Mali’s aroma and burnt oak. The taste is ripe, full, smooth and refined. Soil configuration on Dalmatian islands provides exceptional quality for this type, including it in the list of the best red wines.

We harvest grapes in September, when all guests are invited to join us in this joyful event. Of course, you can also participate in the production of wine, and as a souvenir, you can take home the wine produced by your hand.

Dalmatian wines
Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, and is considered one of the most important ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as of many European cuisines and cultures. There are various types of wine, which reflect diversity of climate and soil on which are grown different grapevine varieties. Wines usually differ by colour: white, pink (rosé) and red, and the colour is determined by the grape colour and wine production process.

Right here in Dalmatia, where the sun heats the rocks and where the limestone areas dominate the landscape, grapevines found their homeland. Discover the benefits of Dalmatian wines, which have been produced for centuries by hardworking Dalmatian winemakers, and taste some of the most famous Dalmatian wines: Plavac Mali, Dinga?, Postup, Babi?, Pošip, Debit, Malvasia, Žlahtina or Prosecco, a remarkable sweet dessert wine.