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Fauna on the island Bra? is rich and interesting, although at first sight less noticeable than flora.

Among domestic animals, the most notable are goats, by which was island Bra? praised back in ancient times. An important economic role for centuries have had sheep, whose milk is used for manufacturing famous cheese in the inland villages of the island Bra?.

By the island's side roads and paths, one can often see horses, and you will especially be pleasantly surprised if you see half-wild horses on the wealds on the eastern part of island, that live freely in groups. It is interesting, that the owners themselves let them to the weald to live in groups, in periods when they don't use them as assistance in the fields.

Apart from horses, on the island Bra? you will often see mules and hinnies, hybrids of a horse and a donkey.

Other mammals that live in the island's countryside are house and field mouse, dormouse, rabbit and the beech marten.